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February: The Wizardry Wars

January: Books section and stories of the wizard literature

Dicionário Madame Pince

Welcome to the biggest online encyclopaedia of Harry Potter in Portuguese!
This website objective is to arrange for the best content of subjects related to the books of the Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling. Here we show details about the characters lives, information about spells and potions, places of the wizard world, and much more! It is an excellent source of resource to readers who want to know more about the books, to fanfics authors and anyone interested in general.

Apart from the books information, all of them according to the last Brazilian edition are also included, out of curiosity, information from the films, videogames, websites and other media in which J.K. Rowling could have had some influence.

To use the, you just have to go to our Search System in the parchment located on the right top of the page, or even to our pages of specific topics, on the Menu of the table in the left. The website is also friendly with our foreign audience, having redirection pages in the original terms. If in doubt, page missing, wrong information, etc., send us an e-mail because we will do our best to clear up any mistake.

We wish you to enjoy this incredible information guide! Staff

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